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Temple Bar Marina Arizona

Las Vegas breaking news for Aug. 9, 2020

Las Vegas police are investigating a homicide on H Street near Lake Mead and Martin Luther King boulevards. Sean DeLancey has the initial report, … Source: Google Alerts

Alice Lake anglers

From left are Will Allen, 13, of Corry, and Cody Proper, 13, of Corry, fishing in Alice Lake at Mead Park Wednesday. The young men said they like to … Source: Google Alerts

William Dean “Bill” Lisco

After graduation, Bill took a position with Lake Mead Air and quickly moved into the Chief Pilot position, overseeing their entire operation of scheduling … Source: Google Alerts

Options to resolve Western US fresh water issues

The increased flow to the Colorado River would replenish levels in Lake Mead and supporting lakes and would enter Mexico. The project would … Source: Google Alerts

Nevada fishing report, Aug. 5, 2020

Lake Mead — Anglers are bringing in stripers and catfish while fishing anchovy pieces off the bottom. The line sides are ranging from 2 to 5 pounds, … Source: Google Alerts

LETTER: The horror story that is global warming

Nevada and the Colorado River basin have been in drought since 2001, and there are record-low levels of water in Lake Mead. This UNLV study … Source: Google Alerts

Leaving Las Vegas for a delightful drive

Leaving Las Vegas for a delightful drive. Lake Meade, Valley of Fire provide a great day behind the wheel. By. Larry Edsall. -. August 4 … Source: Google Alerts

Cora Coleman senior center testing open

You can also get tested today at the Cora Coleman senior center near Lake Mead and Nellis. It’s first-come-first-serve starting at 8 a.m.. Testing is … Source: Google Alerts